Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the products of your dog-eared dogged, dog dreams. For your enjoyment, the dog stories (Sorry, can’t resist: none in doggerel):

Painted Toes by Agnes Cabrera Zapata

Temba by Nicholas Roehl

Dear Spanky by Norma Alicia Aceves

Morning Dog by Oleg Clark Kagan

Bungalow Dog by Ashley Burdick

Σ(all food) + Δdog = 0 by James Burdick

Snitchle, Snotchle, Snootchle, and Dear Little Sniffles by Autumn Burdick

A Christmas Corgi: a fairytale by Greg Paroff

Dog Story by Misty Swift

Pools by Ashlinn Smith

Dog Days of Summer by Jaime A. Castillo Verduzco

Dancing by Hillary George

A scratch on the tummy to all who participated. Thank you.

– AB and OK

p.s. – …if you’ve written a story and missed the deadline by, say, a day – I may be able to squeeze you in. No entries will be accepted after the 25th of December 2008. -o

One Response to “Dogger’s Delight”

  1. Jaime Says:

    You know, guys, we should do another one. Whaddo you say? 🙂

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